Family Life Conference 2016 - "The Name of God is Mercy" 


Pope Francis has declared an Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy which began Dec. 8th, 2015, the feast of the Immaculate Conception and the 50th Anniversary of the closing of the Second Vatican Council. It will close Nov. 20, 2016, the Feast of Christ the King. This year’s motto is “Merciful Like the Father.”

CFM is excited to celebrate this great Jubilee of Mercy with the conference theme “The Name of God is Mercy” - the title of a book written by Pope Francis.

Sometimes when we think of the word mercy, we imagine someone throwing themselves on their knees before a cruel judge, pleading to be spared some punishment. This is far from our understanding of God’s mercy. We don’t ask for God’s mercy because we’re afraid of incurring his wrath as punishment for our sins. Rather, when we call on God to have mercy, we are calling on God in the only way we know him - as one who responds with compassion to those in need. When we show mercy to others, we are responding as God responds, with compassion.

An excerpt The Church of Mercy by Pope Francis on the Parable of the Merciful Father: “Maybe someone among us here is thinking, My sin is so great, I am as far from God as the younger son in the parable; my unbelief is like that of Thomas. I don’t have the courage to go back, to believe that God can welcome me and that he is waiting for me, of all people. But God is indeed waiting for you; he asks of you only the courage to go to him... Don’t be afraid, go to him, he is waiting for you, he will take care of everything. We hear many offers from the world around us; but let us take up God’s offer instead: he is a caress of love. For God, we are not numbers, we are important; indeed we are the most important thing to him. Even if we are sinners, we are what is closest to his heart.”

In receiving God's mercy, we too, can
Be Merciful as our Father is Merciful!