DSC 0429Every year, Catholic Family Ministries offers a number of events and conferences with our flagship Family Life Conference every summer hosting thousands of Catholics from around Western Canada. Celebrating our faith is an essential component of our vision and we are proud to offer these events as an opportunity to gather together as a body of believers, to pray, worship, and learn together and to be encouraged for the journey of life, always keeping Christ as our focus. 

On our website you can learn more about our events and conferences in this section as well as register online for them by clicking "register online" in the top navigation. We hope to see you soon at our next upcoming event!

 Our Events 2017/2018

  • Family Life Conference 2017: June 30-July 3rd, 2017  
    Due to the current exchange rate/low Canadian Dollar and associated costs incurred by CFM for our US speakers and their travel expenses, the prices for the conference have been increased to partially reflect those expenses. Last year, though the FLC was very well-attended, CFM showed an overall loss on the conference. We are always reluctant to increase the price for the conference, but with these and other increased expenses, we  have done so out of necessity. Thank you for your understanding.We look forward to seeing you in July.
     FLC 2017 Registration Prices

  • Women of Dignity Conference: November, 2017 (watch for exact dates)
  • Men of Integrity Conference: February 2nd & 3rd, 2018