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Sister Helena Burns: I was going to be an ornithologist, but God zapped me and I now belong to the Daughters of St. Paul, an international congregation of religious women dedicated to spreading God's Word through the media: www.pauline.org.
     I give workshops to teens and adults on Media Literacy, Philosophy, and Theology of the Body. I'm a movie reviewer for LifeTeen and Sirius XM--The Catholic Channel. I have an M.A. in Media Literacy Education; a B.A. in philosophy and theology from St. John's U, NYC; and a Certificate in Pastoral Youth Ministry from the Center for Youth Ministry Development, Naugatuck, CT. I studied screenwriting at UCLA and Act One, Hollywood. I'm also studying at the Theology of the Body Institute in PA & have written a TOB curriculum for teens, young adults, and adults.
     My daily book for women is "He Speaks To You." I'm the writer/producer of www.MediaApostle.com and a co-producer on www.The40Film.com.

Archbishop Richard Smith is the Shepherd of the Edmonton Archdiocese and we appreciate His Grace taking the time to celebrate Mass and impart words of wisdom and encouragement. We stand strong behind our bishop and his firm stand on controversial issues that confront our society.We support him in his vocation by our witness as faithful Women of Dignity as we gather here this weekend, demonstrating our commitment to our formation, faith, marriage, family and the church.

Fr. Miguel Irizar is a Roman Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Edmonton. Born in Mexico City, Mexico, Fr. Miguel’s family immigrated to Edmonton when he was 12. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome and a Master’s Degree in Divinity from Newman Theological College in Edmonton before being ordained to the priesthood on July 2, 2012. After ordination, Fr. Miguel was appointed Associate Pastor at St Joseph’s Basilica. In 2014, he was appointed Pastor of St. Peter Parish in Villeneuve and associated parishes. 

Sr. Helena's Conference Topics 

TALK ONE: Bodies Are Not Optional: Theology of the Body -- The Answer for Our Times
TALK TWO: What Is Gender? What Is Our True Identity?
TALK THREE: The Feminine Genius
TALK FOUR: The Masculine Genius
TALK FIVE: Becoming the Men and Women of God We're Destined To Be

The Digital World we find ourselves immersed in, will be woven through these topics.

Our Board of CFM asked Sr. Helena if she could include her thoughts on Women as wife, mother, professional, etc. and those who feel a call to be both in and out of the home. Sr. Helena's response: "This is a great topic. It's HUGE. I'll work on it."

Actually, all the topics we are digging into this weekend, are HUGE. This is one conference you won't want to miss. Bring others along who need the support, encouragement and fellowship of other women finding our way in the world today. Guess that would be ALL women.