DSC 0429Catholic Family Ministries offers conferences, with our flagship Family Life Conference every summer, hosting thousands of Catholics. Celebrating our faith is an essential component of our vision, as these events provide participants an opportunity to gather together as a body of believers, to pray, worship, learn, and be encouraged on the journey, always keeping Christ as our focus. 

Our Events 2017/2018

  • Attend Family Life Conference 2018: June 29-July 2nd, 2018  
    Our 2017 Conference saw our greatest attendance EVER, and we have been receiving stellar reviews. Abortion survivor, Melissa Ohden, delivered a powerful pro-life message of the dignity of EVERY SINGLE SOUL, and of forgiveness, mercy, and healing, that continues to resonate. We've heard nothing but excellent reviews about her testimony and pro-life presentation and, of course, requests to bring her back. She has promised to return as a participant, so pray that she will.

    Fr. Ben Cameron from the Father's of Mercy delivered the message of the gospel with conviction and awareness of our current state of affairs. Fr. Jerome Lavigne was a dynamo who doesn't avoid the tough issues facing families and marriages today and how we must not lose our focus on truth. Archbishop Smith spoke of his five-year plan for the diocese, which in short, was read the gospel everyday, and then DO IT! In this way we will never doubt we are living the Will of God in our lives.

    Visit our website often. We will be adding speaker and participant testimonies, plus pictures of this annual event. 
    PLUS updates on FLC 2018 speakers, events, etc.

  • Women of Dignity Conference: November 3rd & 4th, 2017 

  • Men of Integrity Conference: February 2nd & 3rd, 2018