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(For Non-Millennials: Family Life Conference Frequently Asked Questions For Your Information)

Can I register at the gate? Can I register for one day only?

We accept registrations at the registration tent throughout Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and yes, you can come for a day. Contact registration directly to find out the cost, which may vary depending on the day and activities involved.

Is there food available at the site? Is there water available?
There is a food vendor at the site with typical fast-food fare, snacks, ice cream, drinks, etc. There will be a water truck at the site with free potable water available once the conference begins, as long as it lasts. There were no issues last year with water shortage.  

What amenities are available?
There are porta potties. There are limited showers that are available for use. Because the coin dispensers rarely work properly, showers will be by donation based on what showers at other campgrounds would typically be. There are no hookups for RV's. 

Can we bring a generator?
Campers are in pretty close proximity of one another so if you need a generator, out of respect for other campers, make sure it's a quiet one. Use as little as possible and only during the hours from 8:00 am - 11:00 pm.

Can each campsite have a fire or is it group fire pits?
Campfires can be had at individual camper's sites. Wood is available for sale at $3.00/bundle. Ice is also available for $2.00/bag. 

How early can we arrive at Lac Ste. Anne to set up?
You can arrive the day before the Conference starts, so this year, on Thursday, June 29. Make sure you have your own drinking water.

Where is the closest location to fill the trailer with water and dump station at the end of the weekend?
Alberta Beach is the closest location.

I couldn't find directions to Lac Ste. Anne on this website?
Please scroll down this page and click on the link for map and directions. Enter your own location for specific directions for you.

Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage Site


Photos of the Conference: A Peek for First-Timers

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