Men, please watch Archbishop Smith's Video and his invitation to men
to attend this Annual Men of Integrity Conference.

Keynote Speaker
Sean Dalton • Matt Dalton

Special Guests
Father Miguel Irizar • Father Paul Moret

Online registration ends Thursday, February 1st.
Register at the door Friday and Saturday 

This year’s conference is a challenge for every man to to stand firm in Christ. 

We can’t do this on our own - we need others - a band of brothers with whom we establish a bond to encourage and hold one another accountable. Let’s get off the bench and into the game. Lives depend on our action.

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Sean Dalton                          Matt Dalton                             Father Miguel Irizar                Father Paul Moret

Sean Dalton received his master of arts in theology and certification in catechetics from Franciscan University in 1998. Sean has eight years of experience in diocesan ministry with the Diocese of Sioux Falls and the Archdiocese of Denver in the areas of youth, young adult and campus ministry. He is currently co-director of YDisciple, an initiative of the Augustine Institute. Sean and his wife Jen live in Colorado with their five children, two of whom are teenagers.

Matt Dalton (no relation to Sean) along with his ‘Bride’ Mindy Dalton are the co-founders of Marriage Missionaries. They have been doing this missionary work, full time, going on 11 years. Once Matt and Mindy invited Jesus to be at the center of their marriage and the primary source of their love, they have a burning desire and passion to share God’s glorious design with others. They do this through a process called Marriage Coaching; a mentoring friendship, one couple to another. They have taken over 400 couples through the Marriage Coaching process; presented numerous workshops and retreats. They are invited each year to speak at St. John Vianney Seminary to our future priests.

Father Miguel Irizar is a Roman Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Edmonton. Born in Mexico City, Mexico, Fr. Miguel’s family immigrated to Edmonton when he was 12. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome and a Master’s Degree in Divinity from Newman Theological College in Edmonton before being ordained to the priesthood on July 2, 2012. After ordination, Fr. Miguel was appointed Associate Pastor at St Joseph’s Basilica. In 2014, he was appointed Pastor of St. Peter Parish in Villeneuve and associated parishes. 

Father Paul Moret is a regular at our Family Life Conference and the Spiritual Director of Catholic Family Ministries. He is currently the Pastor at St. Matthew Parish in Edmonton, and as always, we are very blessed by his presence at our conferences. At our Family Life Conference he regularly celebrates the sacraments of Holy Mass and Reconciliation and leads Benediction.

He has been our guest speaker a number of times as well as throughout the diocese. He will be offering a session in February at Newman Theological College on the different sections of the Mass and why it is important to be there for the readings?

During the Mass, the people of God are nourished from two tables: the table of God's word through proclamation of the Scriptures, and the table of the altar, where the Holy Eucharist is consecrated. In this catechetical presentation sponsored by the archdiocesan offices of Liturgy and Catechesis, Father Paul discusses “The Mass: Two Tables.”